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Dear Deanie,

Thank you for your terrific head-lice treatment service.

My little girl is 5 and has beautiful long hair which picked up head-lice at school.
I tried for days to get rid of it myself with head-lice shampoo and fine-tooth combs to no avail.

We rang you and got an appointment immediately with Erin. The treatment took about an hour with no complaints
from my little one (unlike at home), as she was treated like a princess and enjoyed watching a DVD during the
treatment and a play with the toys afterwards

She felt so much better with the horrible itching relieved and a week later we returned fro your
recommended second treatment. Again Erin took such good care of my little girl and her beautiful hair,
and now thank goodness the problem is completely gone.

We are doing what we can to prevent another case of head-lice with keeping her hair tied up at school and
combing through leave-in conditioner, but should we contract the problem again, I would ring immediately
for an appointment. It was so much easier and more effective than trying to treat head-lice at home.

Thanks again